Although not the same as kidney stones

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Stones, as the name suggests is the residual tartar on the teeth, also known as calculus.
Although not the same as kidney stones, gallstones are so serious, but dental calculus is also a detrimental to human health.
The important thing is that it is also bad news!
You see the yellow inside of the teeth is the stone.
As for the formation of dental calculus a bit nausea, if you are eating, it is best to skip this period ~
The formation of dental calculus
The formation of dental calculus from dental plaque and other deposits on the surface -
Similar to the food residue, epithelial cells, minerals and so on.
These substances then slowly calcify along the bottom of the tooth,
May be still relatively soft at the beginning, milky white or yellowish white,
After a few months, the deposited dirt will be like a stone.
Like a scale of sediment that is boiling in boiling pots, like tiny stones.
To this step even brushing hard can not get rid of it.
A word to explain the formation of dental calculus:
Food + Saliva → Residues and Mi → Residues on Teeth → Dental Plaque → Calcification gradually hardens → Tooth Stones

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What is the harm of dental calculus
Stones are a foreign body to the mouth and taste unpleasant.
It will continue to stimulate the periodontal tissue, and will oppress the gums, affecting the blood loop, resulting in periodontal tissue infections, causing gum atrophy.
Inflammation shrink more easily after the accumulation of food debris, plaque and calculus, etc. This new accumulation and further destruction of the deeper periodontal ligament.
Repeated vicious circle, will support the periodontal tissue all destroyed, and even the last need to be removed.
A word explained: dental calculus can cause bad breath, periodontitis, gingival recession, or even fall off and so on.
Causes of formation of dental calculus
Saliva composition
Oral bacteria may cause the sour saliva value of saliva increased alkaline, resulting in saliva protein decomposition, the formation of calcium salt, precipitation in the tooth surface of the formation of tartar.
2. Eating habits
Often eat fine and soft foods, such as bread, porridge food, more easily deposited dental calculus.
People who love to eat sweets and snacks are more likely to form plaque and cause calculus.
Oral hygiene
This is one of the more important causes of dental calculus, with high levels of bacteria in the mouth, or inadequate cleaning of the mouth, causing tartar to precipitate and gradually calcify.
4. tooth shape
Teeth deformities or missing teeth can make cleaning teeth more difficult, more likely to attach bacteria and dirt, so that there is accumulation of dental calculus space.
A sentence explanation: dental calculus by the composition of saliva, eating habits and oral hygiene, dental arrangement of the situation.

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Dental calculus 3 strokes
1. Diligent brushing, gargle
The fastest calculus can be formed within 48 hours, so the prevention of dental calculus, it is necessary to develop a good habit of brushing your teeth morning and evening, using Pakistan brushing method, brushing for two minutes each time.
Run out of food, gargle with warm water after eating things, so that these two points can be very effective in preventing and removing the initial calculus.
Pay attention to dietary intake
Both hard and soft food intake, eat some fiber vegetables, can reduce the formation of plaque.
In addition, like high-sugar foods, or snacks, usually should pay attention to control.
From the source to reduce the formation of plaque and produce, to prevent the effect of calculus.
3. scaling
When the dental calculus was deposited for several months, with the method of brushing teeth can not be removed under the circumstances, then you need to rely on the means of a dentist, through the removal of teeth.
Dental prophylaxis is the best way to remove stubborn and deposited calculus. Only after scaling the teeth will damage the mucous membrane on the surface of the tooth. After cleaning for a few days, pay attention to the maintenance of the teeth and do not bite hard objects.
Last but not least, dental calculus is not removed at once, it is not produced anymore, it will grow again, so it is very important to prevent it.Mt3

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